Mark and Charlotte

We both went to Swansea University and had lots of mutual friends, but didn’t properly meet and get to know each other until the summer of 2013 when we both went to a festival together in London, invited by our friend Holly. Even though Charlotte was living in Bristol and then London, and Mark was in Southampton, cider and sunshine was the recipe for true love and after meeting up a few more times we became an item.

We got long distance relationshipping down to a fine art over the years, as Mark’s work takes him under the sea and to places like Plymouth. It’s lucky he likes driving as our first place together is in Glasgow.

We love nature and the outdoors, which is why Mark proposed on top of a hill by Loch Lomond on the 11th June 2015. It was a very rare warm and sunny day and the view was awesome. Contrary to all bets placed, Charlotte didn’t cry, and sort of hysterically laughed instead before remembering to say yes.

Bridal party

Maids of Honour – Rosie and Holly

Rosie and Holly are both Charlotte’s very good friends from university, and an organising force to be reckoned with.

Bridesmaids – Anita, Charleene, Erica and Imogen.

Anita is Mark’s lovely sister, Charleene is Mark’s brother Stuarts’s partner, and mum to his adorable nephew Finnlay. Erica is Charlotte’s best and oldest friend from home, and Imogen is another very good friend from university.

Best Man – Matt

Matt is one of Mark’s closest friends from university and therefore has a lot of ammunition for the speech.

Ushers – Frank, Stuart, Carroll (Fergus)

Frank is one of Mark’s best friends from school, Stuart is his brilliant older brother and Carroll (first name Fergus) first met Mark when he joined the Navy.


Mark’s parents – Derek and Jackie

Charlotte’s parents – Diane, Steve and step mum Roz

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